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There are a number of activities available within the trumpet studio at TAMUK, in addition to weekly applied lessons with Dr. Millsap, Mrs. Millsap, and Dr. Witty. These include the Trumpet Ensemble, the Jazz Trumpet Ensemble, Brass Ensembles, and Trumpet Studio Class. TAMUK also offers many ensemble opportunities for trumpet students.

Trumpet Ensemble

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Texas A&M-Kingsville Trumpet Ensembles have performed at the International Trumpet Guild, Texas Music Educators Association Convention, and the College Music Society National Conference. They also frequently compete at the National Trumpet Competition, finishing in the top 8 in the country in 2018. Since 2013, they have averaged at least one new work written for the ensemble per year.

They frequently perform at university events and perform a recital each semester. Ensembles are directed by Dr. Millsap, Mrs. Millsap, Dr. Witty, and student conducting assistants.
Highlights from the studio's Spring 2018 Studio Recital.
April 17, 2018

Jazz Trumpets

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The Jazz Trumpets are a hybrid of the jazz and trumpet ensemble programs, specializing in repertoire for 4-5 trumpets, with or without rhythm section. Recent performances include the International Trumpet Guild Conference (2017 & 2018) and National Trumpet Competition (2018). They are directed by Dr. Millsap.
Performance by the 2017 Jazz Trumpets 1 Ensemble.
February 7, 2017

Studio Class

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Required of all trumpet majors, meeting Tuesdays and Thursdays from 12:30-1:45. Classes consist of rehearsals, performances by students, and masterclasses by Dr. Millsap or invited guest artists. Topics include trumpet history, pedagogy, performance techniques, listening, and repertoire.

Technique Class

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Required of all freshmen and recommended for all members of the studio. The class serves as a group lesson on warm-up and practice techniques, and works through selected repertoire to develop fundamental skills for success on the trumpet.

Brass Quintets

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The Brass Quintets are coached by TAMUK brass faculty and perform a chamber recital each semester.

Large Ensembles

Awards & Achievements

International Trumpet Guild Conference
- Blue & Gold Trumpet Ensembles invited to perform Trumpet Prelude.
- TAMUK Trumpet Guild Ensemble selected to perform on Affiliate Chapter Showcase Concert.

National Trumpet Competition
- Small Trumpet Ensemble Division: Blue Trumpet Ensemble, Semi-Finalist
- Large Trumpet Ensemble Division: Gold Trumpet Ensemble, Quarter-Finalist
- Small Trumpet Ensemble Division: Red Trumpet Ensembles, Quarter-Finalist
International Trumpet Guild Conference
- Trumpet Ensemble selected to perform on Affiliate Chapter Showcase Concert.

College Music Society National Conference
- Trumpet Ensemble selected to perform on Composer's Showcase Concert.

Texas Jazz Festival Scholarship
- Javier Salinas, recipient
National Trumpet Competition
- Small Trumpet Ensemble Division: Blue Trumpet Ensemble, Semi-Finalist
National Trumpet Competition
- Small Trumpet Ensemble Division: Blue Trumpet Ensemble, Semi-Finalist
- Undergraduate Solo Division: Felix Cruz, III, Semi-Finalist

Texas Music Educators Association Convention
- Trumpet Ensemble Showcase Performance

Kingsville Music Club Scholarship
- Javier Salinas, recipient

DCI Performers
Blue Devils
Felix Cruz (BM/BME) - 2014, Performer of the Year & DCI World Champion

Ramon Garcia (BME) - 2018
Franky Hernandez (BME) - 2018
Christian Arteaga (BME) - 2017
Ismael Lopez (BME),- 2015

Brandon O'Donohue (BM/BME) - 2018

Seth Saucedo (BME) - 2017

Music Educators:
- Antonio De La Rosa (BME ’17)
- Jorge Rangel (BME ’15)
- Samantha Neely (BME ’15)
- Melinda Armadillo (BME ’14)

Graduate Programs:
- Michelle Hernandez (BM '18), University of North Texas (MM-Performance)
- Javier Salinas (BM '18), University of Texas (MM-Performance)
- Jonathan de la Cruz (BME ’16), Indiana University (MM-Jazz Studies)
- Jorge Rangel (BME ’15), Texas A&M University-Kingsville (MM-Performance)
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For more information, contact:
TAMUK Department of Music
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Physical address:
Bellamah Music Building
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